Live Gig Recording

Professional Event Recording In Ireland & Abroad

Trust us to capture not only the performance but the energy and atmosphere of your live event. Whether it's a rock show in the Olympia, a festival, a classical concert, a school show, or a touring production we have the equipment and the experience to get the job done.


  • Experienced, professional and helpful staff
  • Professional Equipment
  • Mixing service (Alwyn Walker / Westland Studios)
  • Knowledge of venues in Dublin and across Ireland
  • Easy access to other music services through ADK Music Group
  • Backup systems
  • International option


We're building our list of venues our staff have worked in across the globe, click on the countries below...


  • The Olympia Theatre, Dublin
  • Whelan's, Dublin
  • The Pint, for "Dublin Doom Day, 2012", Dublin
  • University of Limerick
  • Lord Bagenal Hotel, Bagenalstown, Kilkenny 

Northern Ireland

  • The Ulster Hall, Belfast
  • Comber Recreational football ground, Comber
  • Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen
  • Priory Integrated College, Holywood, Belfast
  • Camp '04, Forthill Park, Enniskillen
  • Sean Hollywood Arts Centre, Newry
  • INST Grammar School, Belfast
  • Londonderry Millenium Forum


  • Chateau de La Napoule, Cannes


  • Hard Rock Cafe, Florence


  • Tour of 4 venues across southern India including Sir Bishop Cotton Boys's School, Bangalore


The right gear is essential for reliability, manoeuverability, flexibility and sound quality.


  • 8 x ATI (API designed jdk8mx2)
  • 8 x Audient ASP 008
  • 8 x Mackie Onyx 800R
  • 8 x CLM Dynamics db8000S
  • 8 x Focusrite Octopre
  • more available (Neve 1073, 1276, Portico, Amek 9098...)


  • 35 foot Manfrotto boom pole, various other boom poles
  • Black and silver stands
  • Mic clamps for mounting in lighting trusses etc.


  • Soundfield SPS422B remote controlled surround sound mic
  • Crown PZM boundary mics
  • Tiny discreet mics to not ruin the visual aspect of the show
  • A good selection of other mics (414, U89, U87, 421, 57 etc. as required)


  • 2 x Alesis HD24 recorders
  • Multiple ProTools HD rigs (easily connected to Avid live consoles or used alone with our own preamps)
  • Custom PC equipped with RME 9652 & 9632 cards, with 4 ADAT ins and Global Record

Mic splitters

  • These enable us to record the microphones before the signal gets to the sound desk for the live sound. The event's sound engineers will appreciate it as we won't be getting in their way.

Backline Rental

  • Drums
  • Basses
  • Guitars
  • Amplifiers
  • Keyboards
  • More


Thanks to our affiliation with ADK Music Group. Please enquire in advance for details.


Reunion albums can be tricky, and performing live after a three-decade break always carries the risk of disaster, but ‘The Blades: Live At The Olympia’ is not a disaster – it’s a triumph.
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